Relationship Counselling for Single People: Could It Help You?

In most instances, relationship counselling is something that takes place between two individuals and their counsellor. Generally speaking, the counselling is undertaken to get to the root of a particular issue (or multiple issues) that might be hindering the relationship. If you're single, you probably wouldn't think that relationship counselling would be of any benefit for you. Interestingly, this is not always the case. If you are finding it difficult to cope with the state of being single, then relationship counselling might be extremely helpful to you as a single person. You might be finding it difficult to move on after a relationship has ended, or perhaps you are becoming overwhelmed at how long you've been without a partner. So what are some of the things that a relationship counsellor might be able to help you with if you seek out their services as a single person?

A Valuable Insight

Counselling is all about giving you an insight into the reasons for your dissatisfaction with key issues in your life (which in this instance is being single) and helping you to overcome them or at least come to terms with them.

Letting Go of a Former Relationship

If you're having trouble letting go of a former relationship, the counsellor will take you through a number of aspects pertaining to your situation.

  • Managing any residual resentment or anger that you might have towards your former partner.
  • Discussing the reasons why you believe the relationship came to an end, and offering an alternative, objective point of view.
  • Helping you to understand that your relationship history with your former partner (or partners) does not determine the state of your future relationships.

Unhappy with Being Single for an Extended Period

If you are unhappy with being single for an extended period and this unhappiness is permeating your life, then your counsellor can discuss with you how to best move forward.

  • Your counsellor might ask how you've gone about searching for a potential partner and can identify ways in which this approach can be modified and/or expanded.
  • You might need help when it comes to being rejected by a potential partner, and your counsellor will teach you coping mechanisms for when this rejection feels too personal.
  • Helping you to understand what you have to offer a potential partner and to feel positive about yourself.

Counselling is not a quick fix solution, nor is your counsellor a matchmaker, and yet they will be able to help you to move forward with a sense of optimism, leading to a greater overall sense of fulfillment. While relationship counselling is traditionally something that couples will go through, there are still types of relationship counselling that can be highly beneficial for single people.

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