Resolving My Childhood Issues

Don’t Be a Dry Drunk: Reasons to Seek Counselling During Addiction Recovery

Quitting alcohol or drugs is a huge achievement, but the work doesn’t stop the minute you’re sober. Quitting without a strong support plan in place can lead to what’s known as ‘dry drunk syndrome’. You might still be engaging in unhealthy behaviors, even though you’re not drinking or taking drugs. Seeking counselling can help you […]

How to Make Your Counselling Sessions a Success

Approaching someone for help can be intimidating but it can be an important first step on your road to recovery. Counsellors are there to help and will work through experiences and ideas with you to help find a way forward. Here are a few tips for making the most of your counselling sessions.  Keep a […]

Relationship Counselling for Single People: Could It Help You?

In most instances, relationship counselling is something that takes place between two individuals and their counsellor. Generally speaking, the counselling is undertaken to get to the root of a particular issue (or multiple issues) that might be hindering the relationship. If you’re single, you probably wouldn’t think that relationship counselling would be of any benefit […]